Welcome to BTT Web Design Services

BTT Web Design Services offers web development, design and maintenance services. We are specialized in the development of a wide range of websites. Our services range from simple content websites to complex web applications. Our services are accessible from anywhere in the world, there are no language or country limitations. To contact us use our contact form.

Private Websites

If you want your profile and skills to be known to the web, we offer great quality private websites to you.

Company Websites

If you have a company and want to promote your business on the web we offer great company websites.

Custom Websites

If you have a specific website in mind, and you want to specify all the details,we offer that to you.

Web Applications

If you want a complex web application with advanced features that you specify, we offer that too.

Get The Best Website Design

We offer the best web design and development services Sample Website

You can choose your website design/layout from a list of templates we are offering, with some modifications of your choice (color, size, etc...). You can also choose to make a site similar looking to an already existing website. Another option is to specifiy all the design details yourself.

We use the latest and standards-compliant web technologies, such as XHTML, CSS, JavaScript... Our websites also make use of the best server technologies available - Windows Server, ASP.net MS SQL, etc... This ensures that your websites are fast, secure and reliable.

Payments and Maintenance

All payments are done electronicaly through paypal or a bank transfer. You pay for the services you select. If you choose for website creation, hosting and maintenance you pay for these 3 services. However you are not required to choose all services. You can just hire us for website creation and take care of the hosting and maintenance yourself.

You also receive a warranty on the website. If any features do not work or break they will be fixed without extra cost.